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Space Otters

play and win ethereum prizes in weekly competitions!

0 out of 10,000

Mint is not live yet


We are focused on devloping the Space otter Community in order to reach the stars :)
  • Launch of website, Crash Game, instagram, discord, twitter
    Minting will start on March 5
  • 10%
  • 25 Otters + 3 eth in givaways
  • 25%
  • Merch and other free exclusive perks for owners
  • 50%
  • $10,000 donation to the International Otter Survival Fund(IOSF)
  • 75%
  • 50 Otters + 5 eth in givaways
  • 100%
  • 10 eth in giveaways + $25,000 donation to the International Otter Survival Fund(IOSF)
  • Future Plans

    Roadmap 2.0 will be released later this year which will include:

    -More play-to-earn games
    -Development of the $Ottercoin token
    -bigger rewards for holders(vacations, meetups, etc)
    -Collaboration with more otter sactuaries and charities
    -Baby Space Otters...
    What is the Crash Game?
    A Space Otter gives you exclusive rights to play the Crash Game. Players are given a certain amount of Ottercoins(no real value) each week. They then can use them to play in that week's challenge.

    First, select how much you wish to wager. Then watch the rocket launch! As the rocket flies higher, your potential awards increase.

    A multiplier will be applied to your bet depending on where you cashout. For instance, if you click cashout when the rocket reachers 2.5 and you wagered 1000 Ottercoins, you will be awarded 2500 Ottercoins.

    Sweet Right? The only catch is that the rocket will randomly crash at some point along its path. If you have yet to cash out, you will lose your initial bet and not be awarded any money. After the week has ended, eth and free otter prizes will be given out to the top otters with the most Ottercoins for that week.

    Check either the discord or the Crash Game for this weeks rewards!
    Meet the Crew


    Software Developer

    Social Media Manager

    Code Monkey

    If you have more questions, please visit our discord